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Welcome to Editorial Professionals. Turn to us to ensure the information you want to convey is presented in the clearest, most concise, and most compelling manner possible. Perhaps you excel at your profession, but writing or editing is not your forte. Or maybe your booked-up schedule prevents you from sitting down and writing that report. Outsource it to Editorial Professionals!

From brochures to book manuscripts, we will write or edit almost any document on your behalf. No job is too small or too large, be it ghostwriting, copywriting, speechwriting, copyediting, or proofreading. You give us a topic, and we will generate high-impact prose. Or, if you do the writing, we will edit your work to ensure it is clear, crisp, and in “plain English.” And our rates are competitive—contact us for a quote.

Whether it is a report, brochure, proposal, newsletter, website content, white paper, press release, speech, article, annual report, book manuscript, resume, cover letter, or other type of document, the objective is always the same: to enable the reader to gain the most amount of information in the least amount of time, and as effortlessly and interestingly as possible. Leave this job to Editorial Professionals.

Promotional prose that sells

If promotional material is what you need, we will generate snappy-sounding copy loaded with verve and creativity. We'll make it grab 'em. Image-enhancing and profit-producing copy is our stock in trade. 

Don't take the chance of not getting through to your target audience. The world is full of great ideas that never make it off the ground because they do not get communicated effectively. Halt this epidemic: hire Editorial Professionals!

Build your byline

EdPros will help you write and submit material for the print media, such as magazine and newspaper articles. This is typically far more effective in promoting your messageand far cheaperthan buying an advertisement. Click here for details.

Why You Need
Editorial Professionals

All too often, the key message gets buried. Website content. Magazine articles. Speeches. Press releases. Time and again, the main point is nestled somewhere in the midsection or bottom of the text. By that time, 90 percent of your readers are long gone, too busy and weary to spend the time and brainpower trying to figure out what you are trying to say.

Frequently, key messages are not even conveyed at all. Readers have nothing "concrete" to put their finger on. No real-world examples. A writer may live and breathe the subject matter, but can easily lose sight of the "big picture" and wrongly assume that everyone else knows what he or she is writing about.

There are also things like using a 10-dollar word when a 50-cent one will do. Or statements of the obvious. Or redundancies. Or saying the same thing in 100 words when all you need are 25.

These common writing woes carry big consequences. It could be the difference between landing that million-dollar deal and going broke. It could spell the difference between attracting 100 website enquires a week versus only 10. It could mean the difference between convincing that legislator to vote for your cherished cause, and seeing your political adversaries break out the champagne bottles.

Getting the key messages right is one thing. Sentence structure, clarity, grammar, spelling, and typos also can make or break your objectiveand have a big effect on your image. That is why you always need a good editor. It is why you need Editorial Professionals.

Maximum quality at a reasonable cost

EdPros skillfully utilizes technological and human capital to maximize efficiencies and reduce overhead. This enables us to lower your cost while still maintaining top-flight quality. Call us for a quote.

A quick turnaround

In most cases, EdPros will have your material ready within a few days to a week, depending on the size of the project and whether design services are involved. For small editing jobs, it may only take a day or less.

Seamless online communications

E-mail and the Internet have made editorial services an incredibly seamless process—regardless of whether you are across the street or across the world. It is merely a matter of e-mailing us your document or your requirements and taking delivery of the finished product electronically.

Perhaps you would like a marked-up copy of your edited document. No problem; for that we can use the "track changes" feature in Word.

Our services include writing or editing of:

  • brochures
  • website content
  • white papers
  • speeches
  • marketing/promotional copy
  • book manuscripts
  • technical & scientific documents
  • press releases
  • annual reports
  • resumes/cover letters
  • Blog

Our expertise includes:  

  • composing smooth and engaging text
  • turning lackluster text into lively and alluring text
  • organizing the content in a clear and logical style
  • converting dry and/or complicated-sounding language into everyday language, while maintaining the substance
  • eliminating redundancies and unnecessary words
  • ensuring good transitions; making text flow smoothly from one paragraph to the next
  • clarifying, changing, or eliminating technical words with which readers may be unfamiliar
  • arranging the layout for maximum impact, where appropriate
  • adding or changing headlines and subheads, for greater appeal
  • and of course, editing for grammar and punctuation

In a nutshell, we strive to make your document lucid, easy to read, and compelling.



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